Murray County’s Trusted Land Surveyor

I started Ridgeline Surveying with the goal of providing quality surveying services for my community. We take pride in the accuracy and level of precision achieved with our methods and equipment. We stay up-to-date with technology to always improve our efficiency without sacrificing our attention to detail. We are looking to bring professionalism and positive interactions to the community through our work.

-Bill White

Services Offered:


  • Property Boundary Surveys
  • Construction Layout
  • Photogrammetry
  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey
  • Machine Control Data Preparation

Very nice people to work with and the owner is a perfectionist so I have no hesitations to use this surveyor. My parents used them and were happy and my wife and I used them on our first house. We are buying a house and will use them again. Very useful if you need to put up a fence and want your line staked so you know where to put it.

Westley Ramsey

Just like the previous comment. This place is truly amazing. They are super nice, specially the lady answering the phone, I think her name is Darlin. If you are looking for a survey company, look to further. This is your place. They came today and surveyed my home. They were really nice people. They measured 3 corners of my property. When I called to ask for their service. We had a little miscommunication, I interned for the 4 corners, which it was my fault. Yet, she is coming next month to get the other end surveyed.

they were really nice since the beginning. It was really hot outside. they went the extra mile, I regretted that at least min I should provide with some cool water

Miguel Chacon

"They are very knowledgeable, hard working and honest."

Bill Cutrer

Done 2 surveys for Freddie Mchan and done a great job

Lynn Smithey

GreT crew

Darlene Hing

Great folks. Do a good job!

Jai Ramsay